We chose to live a life in a small town where family, friends and community are all one in the same…where a hand shake means something and everyone waves as you drive on by and go on walks.  We chose to leave the city behind and raise our children in a family run business that values hard work and getting back to America’s roots.  

Just like life, farming is an adventure where each new day brings a new experience and a new journey.  To make this work, to make it matter, you need to live in the moment and make each day count because you’ll never get that same day back again.  It is our hope and dream that what we are doing now with our family today, in this moment of time, will be remembered and valued by all of us for many years to come. 


The Dungeness heritage farm site was chosen with a purpose in 1995.  The tourism-focused  “Dungeness Scenic Loop Drive” was created for visitors to Sequim who could drive by and see remnants of the areas farmland, the beaches and shores of Dungeness Bay, and breath-taking views of the Dungeness Spit, the Sequim-Dungeness Lighthouse, and Victoria, BC, Canada.  This drive would be the new home to acres of lavender and lavandin fields.

This farm site was home to a thriving dairy farm and business that got its start back in the late 1800’s.  The Sequim-Dungeness Valley used to be home to over 900 dairy farms over the past century, but mass rural subdivisions and housing development in the 1980’s and 1990’s led to loss of thousands of acres of fertile farmland. 

The farm was placed in open space designation all those years ago, forever preserving the history and character of what it always was and always will be…a family farm and community asset that will forever preserve the agricultural heritage of this valley.


The need to grow is part of the cycle of life and the cycle of business, and a farm is no stranger to both.  Two more private farm and field locations in Dungeness are also a part of Olympic Lavender Company, under various stages of farm use, production and development.

These properties will continue to remain as farmland and designated open space, paving the way for future generations to see and remember the rich agricultural history of Sequim and also the rich history of our lavender farm in shaping the identity of the Sequim-Dungeness Valley.


Our Dungeness heritage farm site on Marine Drive is home to all kinds of farm activities during the farm season for visitors.  U-pick lavender, summer festivals and special gatherings, educational workshops, classes and farm demonstrations make Olympic Lavender Company a special stop on your next visit to Sequim.  


Olympic Lavender Company got its start in the mid 1990’s and has grown over the years to become a world-known specialty crop agritourism destination.  

If you visit the original Dungeness heritage farm site during the farm season, we will show you what can be done in your home, in your garden, and in your business with lavender.  We are hands on and we want you to share in the experience of a real lavender farm.  If you’re around at the right time, harvest lavender with us, clean lavender with us, distill lavender and other herbs with us…an authentic experience every time.

With graduate degrees in Education and BioChemistry and certified as Master Gardeners through the Washington State University Master Gardener Program, we enjoy running workshops and seminars on multiple subjects for the public throughout the year and also travel across the country to educate and train.